With God's help and guidance, we were able to return to San Lucas, Guatemala where Kids Alive missions are in the process of opening a new children's home.

The homes are designed to allow 8 children to live in a family setting with 2 house parents. Each home creates a loving, Christ centered family style environment.

Local missionaries Dave and Linnea Bailey have worked hard to establish a wonderful setting. They have nearly completed two homes with play grounds.

God is really working in the lives of everyone at San Lucas home. They call it the “Oasis” and for good reason, it is a small slice of heaven in the middle of a lot of activity.

There are many new friends at the Oasis, Jon and Amy Rodquist Kodet have been added to the staff . Jon is the coordinator of the many different groups visiting and working at the Oasis, and Amy is writing grant applications.

Nico Sic is the local manager of the Oasis and his son Walter has been added to the staff . Walter is a wonderful young man with a heart for the Lord. We enjoyed working, playing and worshiping with Walter and Nico

We had an opportunity to visit the Lily home managed by Kids Alive in Antiqua area. This was truly an opportunity to see God working in the lives of the girls there. The above picture was taken at one of their homes. The smiles, laughter and genuine joy just surrounds the home.

Thanks to each of you for participating and sending your donations for this project, truly a gift from God.


Once again with the presence of God in our midst, MIM was able to send not one but two teams to San Lucas , Guatemala to work with Kids Alive International.

Trip One included twelve men from five churches who joined together in Chicago for their flight to Guatemala . For five of the men, it was their first time to participate on a short-term mission trip.

Trip Two included ten men , including three from two different Churches in Wisconsin and Jim Martindale from Michigan who stayed for both weeks.

A particular highlight was the intensity of the nightly devotions and open discussions that took place after a hard days work. This always follows a discussion of “What gets talked about here stays here.” There are times in our lives when we need to let down our guard and set aside some of our pride in order that we may be more open and honest with each other. MIM tries to provide a safe environment for that to take place.

Often, when we think of STM trip, we think about construction, helping others, raising money for the project and the sacrifice of our time and money. On this trip, we learned that while we were heavily involved in all of that, what God had in mind for us was the taking of our spiritual growth to a higher level. We learned a lot from each other, from the missionaries with whom we worked, from the local people who worked along side us and from the children who we came to serve.

When we open our eyes to see what God has for us, he provides in a special way. One that is truly life changing. On a previous trip, one of the younger men was heard to say that he learned more about what it meant to be a Christian man in one week with this group than he had in his previous 4 years at a Christian college. With that kind of experience, it's no wonder that nearly every one of the men who participate in MIM trips have gone on another trip the very next year. Is there a trip in your future? Ask a board member. Get plugged in now! Go online to see the changes in the Oasis...what a wonderful home for these children!

Mike Nelsen