The Women's Short Term Missions Trip to the beautiful country of Belize was truly God directed. Many people ask me, “What can I do on a STM trip? How can God use me?” Well, what follows may provide an answer.

Eleven women from four different Churches went to Belize with different talents and different expectations. By the grace of God our expectations were more than met and we came home changed women.

The McBrides and the Coverdale families started this ministry in Belize three years ago. We had fun, but there was work too. We made curtains and bedspreads and painted the cottage, which will be used as new staff living quarters.

We brought with us computers and books that were donated in DuPage County and will be used in the learning center in Belize.

We carried seven sewing machines that were graciously donated. We gave sewing lessons to the women in the urban poor area of Unitedville. Sewing is not a hobby for these women, it is a skill they need for survival, for making clothes for the family and hopefully starting a business to help them out of poverty. The Belizean women were amazed we would watch and care for their children while others in our group gave them sewing lessons.

We also led a Vacation Bible School for the village children. It was truly a joy to see. The children were so excited and thankful to do crafts, listen to bible stories, play games, receive treats, and sing songs about Jesus.

A highlight for them was to see a clown do tricks, done by our own Debbie Sutton alias “Penelope”. The children saw Jesus and heard Jesus for a whole week.

We were able to attend their church services, pray with the Mothers, and hold their children. This was a wonderful opportunity to see God working with other nationalities and cultures. It gave us a perspective beyond United States suburbia. The relationships built are a picture of the body of Christ; where each person is open to God's direction and uses his or her gifts to contribute something unique toward His Kingdom.

If you are interested in a men's, women's, or couples STM trip, Now is the time to call MIM. Now is the time to sign up.

Sherry Nelsen


In February 2003 seven couples from four different churches traveled to Belize, Central America to serve with "In His Will Ministries". We want to thank those who gave to the mission's effort in Belize.

We arrived with everything on the missionary's wish list, in 28 containers. Your generosity provided 4 sewing machines, sewing materials and accessories for our team's women to give lessons to local women who wanted to start a business. We had books of all kinds for the soon to be completed learning center, Bibles for youth, an overhead projector, sheets, blankets and towels. We were given all the materials we needed to use in the Vacation Bible School program we came prepared to teach. Many tools were donated and we were able to purchase other tools and materials needed for the work project because of the generous money donations for the building fund.

Our week went by very quickly with the sewing classes in the morning and 120 kids for VBS every afternoon, having to set up and take down and ride over unbelievably bumpy, pothole filled roads to the one room church was a challenge the Team met with sighs and smiles. The 14 "goers" truly had servants hearts.

After all was said and done Mike and Vicky Coverdale (the missionaries) stated, "Thank you for all you have done for the women and the children in our village and for the construction by the men. The kids thought this was like Christmas, they have never seen anything like 'VBS' before." "However, the most important thing that has happened is that you (the team) have validated our ministry in this village." "The people truly believe we are here for the long term and that we care about them."

“Thanks to our prayer partners we remained well and safe. We strongly believe that these short-term missions trips are a total team effort. There are senders, spenders, prayers and goers and one part of the team is not more important than the others. It takes all parts of the team to make a successful trip.

We saw God work through all of you for a common goal. We are pleased that you were a part of the Short Term Missions Trip to Belize.