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Topic: Letters from Our President    

President's Report 2011  

September 10, 2011
by Michael Nelsen


In a few years, God willing, MIM will celebrate 25 years of service to people in need in various places around the world. It has been interesting, a growth and learning experience and we always seem to get more back than we are able to give. We have met thousands of people and Hundreds of us have been able to serve. The Apostle Paul wanted the Corinthians to give generously toward a fund-raising project to help needy Christians. He linked generosity with spiritual benefits: the more one gives, the more one benefits (2 Cor 9:6-11). To paraphrase, whoever gives little will reap little, whoever gives generously will also reap much. Of course this principal goes beyond financial giving. It's when we give of ourselves, our time and emotional energy that we begin to see what God wants of us. Serving through MIM is not a right, it’s a privilege. One that is earned when we are obedient to God's call. We have often said that MIM has never had a fund raiser, nor do we intend to start now. It is our belief that after praying about the needs that are brought to our attention God will provide the people, money and material necessary to complete the task. This has been our experience over these 20 plus years. We have people who go, people who give and people who pray over the whole enterprise. It takes all three working together with God overseeing it all. In this year's newsletter you find stories of how God worked through ordinary people to do extraordinary things. As you read these stories we are sure you will be encouraged to see where you might fit into proposed trips for 2012. Haiti, Belize, Honduras, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Dominican are places being considered. The Board is also looking at opportunities to work with flood relief in those areas of the United States which have been so devastated.

If you would like to find out more please visit our website which is being upgraded and notice that in our never ending effort to cut costs, we are sending the newsletter via email to as many of our readers as possible. We will continue to make available paper copies but the vast majority will be sent by email. This could save over $2000 in postage and printing costs. We hope you will all be pleased with our new communication efforts.

In His Grip,
~Michael Nelsen


Taking a Risk  

January 1, 2009
by Mike Nelson

Some people ask, "Why do you do this"?  Our answer is this; we come from a variety of missions minded
churches, different denominations but with a common belief that Jesus' attitude toward servant hood sets the agenda for today's church.



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